12 Love Realities

  1. The essence of insurance is assurance.
  2. No human being can tame the other’s excesses, only the creator can tame us all.
  3. Anyone who can live to please the creator will automatically please you.
  4. You must cultivate your streams of income before cultivating the stream of love.
  5. Extreme dependency creates resentment in the one you are depending upon.
  6. Working ladies are more reasonable in their demand for male attention because they have a life to tend.
  7. How a love prospect treats ordinary people says more about who they are than how they treat you.
  8. Love evaporates if proper care is not taken.
  9. You don’t know a person until you have had a conflict with them.
  10. There is a time when it makes more sense to leave than to love.
  11. Leaving makes more sense than loving,when your loving has become a threat to your living.
  12. Whatever you tolerate will proliferate.


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