How to Keep Your Man

Nothing is as painful as losing someone you love to another. Countless hearts have been broken by this very factor. This is all the more complex when you are dealing with men because most men are emotional democrats. By this, I mean that most men put their love at the disposal of multiple ladies. Today I want to share some practical insights for ladies who want to keep their man.


It is sad to acknowledge that not every man wishes to be kept by their woman. Most of them want to play around. Because man is a free moral agent, every woman must realize that it is practically impossible to keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept, neither can you keep a man against his will. So before attempting to even waste your energy on a man, you must realistically answer the question, “Is this a one-woman man?” “Does he personally see the value of sticking to one partner?” “Is this a player who is out to see how far he can go with as many ladies as possible?” If your answer to the first two questions was a NO, don’t bother trying to keep them.


No lady can keep a man that God isn’t keeping. It is by far easier to keep a man who has made the commitment to keeping himself for the creator. Most of us who deny ourselves of the pleasures that affairs promise us aren’t only doing so because we love our partners. The bigger reason for our abstinence and integrity is the God factor. A man who is obsessed about not hurting God won’t automatically hurt you. Likewise, a man who is out to please the creator directly will indirectly please you. That way the lady has little work to do in keeping him because he is keeping himself for the greater good. I am saying lady, that every man will need a bigger reason than you to be loyal to you.


To understand him you most likely will have to get into his head and think like a man, though you aren’t one. Most men have no defences against a woman who understands them and thinks like them. This gap between how men see things and how women see things is one of the reasons why men stray. A man will most likely stand with and for a lady who understands him. Though this is a Herculean task, those who comprehend the thinking processes of their man will succeed at keeping him.


Most ladies take the concept of trust too far. They believe all they are told without doing background checks. Some wives will allow their husbands to live apart from them in distant cities or nations and never for once check on him. That is blind trust. If you don’t keep your eyes on your man, you are bound to lose him. Such dimensions of trust don’t take into consideration the fact that there may be intense competition for that man. Some months ago I said one way to know you have been deceived 100% is when you claim to trust a human being 100%. Be vigilant over what is yours and keep your eyes open.


Please I use the words fulfil intentionally. It is a combination FULL+ FILL. It means to fill him to the full leaving no room for any other lady. Never forget that it is the rooms you have left unfilled in your lover’s life that the girl next door will take advantage of. To fulfil him means to meet every perceivable need that you can in his life, other than the ones that the creator alone can fill. There are also a few needs you aren’t permitted to meet if you aren’t married like sexual needs. Please note we aren’t saying you should overwhelm him to the point of being resented. Every man also needs space and you must be smart enough to know when it needs to be given.

Central to all your efforts is making sure you choose a worthy man first. Then we can apply these strategies to keep them committed to you. I wish you the best as you do so.


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