No doubt,there are times in love when you will have to fight for what is yours. Knowing how to knock out your competitors in love is crucial to the long term existence of your relationship. We have been dealing with the different types of love competitors you may have to deal with in life and love.


This is a person that is not necessarily going after your partner, but your partner is the one chasing after them. This can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences any lover may have to handle. This is because the grieving lover’s heart in this case is in love with someone who is in love with someone else.

Some of the symptoms that you are dealing with the preferred competitor syndrome is when your partner becomes extremely defensive or protective of the other person. You might also discover a radical shift in attention from you to the preferred person, as you struggle to regain your partner’s attention and commitment. At other times, tireless complaining and conflicts from your partner may be a vital sign that you are no longer preferred.

The solution to this unfortunate condition is not to deceive yourself that everything is okay. Everything isn’t. In fact there is fire on the mountain. The second thing to do is to confront your own partner not the preferred person yet. This has to be done to find out where you stand in the relationship and what realistic plans your lover has for you.

Should they claim to still love you and want you in their life, you must demand that their engagement with the preferred competitor be terminated. If however your partner can’t put an end to the affair, you must painfully face the fact that you have lost them to the preferred competitor, you must at this point honorably bow out and bring the relationship to an end. It is better to be where your love is celebrated rather than tolerated.


Ā This kind of people are not only interested in your lover, they are actually crazy about them. Such people are actually the most dangerous people to hang around, because some resort to murder,witchcraft and even ruthless conspiracies to dispossess you of what is yours.

It is important not to take the threat that this obsession poses to you lightly. In most cases the obsessed partner has declared war upon you. You must also respond by declaring war upon them,particularly if your partner is worth fighting for. Such battles might need to be fought on several fronts.

Such battles need to be addressed on the spiritual front with aggressive fastings and prayers. Such battles will have to be fought on a legal front as you report whatever threats are being directed at you to security agencies like the police. You must also be security conscious as you move about your business. It might need to be fought on an attitudinal level as you resist the temptation to quarrel with your partner, because that will simply drive them deep into the obsessed competitor’s hands. It is also crucial to benchmark and outdo such competitors by loving your partner aggressively, so as to leave no room and excuse for your competitor to take over. Most crucial to this process, is that your partner must be allied with you in this battle and not with the obsessed person for things to work out. Confronting the obsessed person is also crucial if things are getting out of hand.


Such people’s involvement isn’t just limited to interests or intentions for your partner,they are actually having a piece of your partner. You could call them stakeholders in the heart of your lover. This is actually one of the hardest conditions to deal with. This is when someone else is running the show in your partner’s life.

To deal with committed competitors,both the competitor and your partner should be directly confronted by you. Timidity shouldn’t be exhibited in dealing with such issues. Such confrontation should demand the separation of the double dating couple. Even friendship between them should be vehemently discouraged,since it will serve the purpose of re kindling lost passions.

You must also demand that your partner gives you a guarantee never to have a recurrence of the such issue. Such guarantees should be backed up with credible action. You also must make sure you aren’t the one making your partner drift away because of negative actions on your part. You also shouldn’t be afraid to terminate the relationship should such two timing behavior continues. It is also a testimony of your maturity to not let the issue degenerate into physical fighting. No one is worth raising your fist over, it is more honorable to gently walk away.

The following are some general approaches to dealing with love competition depending on the various levels of their existence. Be sober and vigilant about competitors. Refuse to be intimidated by them,neither should you manifest insecurity around them. Understudy your love competitors. Benchmark them and out do them in love for your partner. Don’t be afraid to confront and resist them if need be.

Finally do not neglect your partner by not meeting some of their basic needs. When needs are not consistently met in a relationship,it can predispose your partner to being exploited by the numerous competitors out there. In parting I must say that you must not be afraid to leave, if you have given it your best and your partner will rather cooperate with your competitors than with you. Have a remarkable weekend.


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