12 Undeniable Insights for Lovers

  1. If you treat insiders half as well as we treat outsiders, you are bound to experience a relationship breakthrough.
  2. How dare we treat the things we love better than the ones we love?
  3. Love is not a mystery. You can’t get out of your love life, what you didn’t put into it.
  4. None of us is perfect, so it is unfair to demand perfection from your partner.
  5. The mystery of affection is rooted in attention.
  6. The feeling you don’t feed, you will not eventually feel.
  7. There might be some things you can’t share with a spouse, but there is nothing you won’t share with a friend. So make sure your spouse is a friend.
  8. The reaction level of a relationship is what will determine the revelation level of that relationship.
  9. No one can love you like you because no one knows you like you.
  10. It is normal for us to have sexual desires, but it is destructive for our sexual desires to have us.
  11. The sex addict must understand that the embarrassment of self-disclosure is nothing compared with the embarrassment of ultimate destruction.
  12. Sincerity is a cardinal component of integrity.


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