12 Undeniable Love Facts

  1. The key to ending up small in life is to only like those that like you, and to only love those that love you.
  2. To be outstanding in life, your circle of loving must be larger than your circle of liking.
  3. In love, as well as in life, your point of view is largely determined by your viewing point.
  4. No matter who you are or what you do in life, not everybody will like you. Accept the fact.
  5. You must not let people’s reaction to you determine your reaction to them.
  6. When the love of our ideology overcomes our love for our biology, our civilization will collapse.
  7. The moment religion becomes more about who is right or wrong, rather than about how to develop a dynamic relationship with our creator, it becomes a destructive force.
  8. Any divinity that requires us to fight our fellow man to assert his supremacy must be a weakling.
  9. The fact that our God refuses to annihilate those that don’t serve him, proves that he values peaceful coexistence over religious correctness.
  10. Once governance primary objective is self-preservation, it becomes a destructive force in society.
  11. Genuine power doesn’t proceed from our office, it comes from our service.
  12. Any leadership that is willing to kill the led in other to lead, has lost the moral authority to lead.


2 thoughts on “12 Undeniable Love Facts

  1. Greetings sir… Let me start by saying how your blog has been a blessing to me. I have a question from today’s post though regarding man fighting man to establish supremacy for divitnity.
    If that is the case, where then do we place confrontations like that between David & Goliath, Elijah & the prophets of baal, and the numerous wars in the bible? Also pointing out that people died at the end of some these confrontation.
    Please could you clarify this for me sir.

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